Fipronil 97% TC
Fipronil 97% TC

Fipronil  95% TC; 97% TC



Fipronil (CAS No.120068-37-3) is a broad-spectrum insecticide, toxic by contact and ingestion. Moderately systemic and, in some crops, can be used to control insects when applied as a soil or seed treatment. Good to excellent residual control following foliar application.


Fipronil is used for controlling of multiple species of thrips on a broad range of crops by foliar, soil or seed treatment.
Control of corn rootworm, wireworms and termites by soil treatment in maize.
Control of boll weevil and plant bugs on cotton, diamond-back moth on crucifers, Colorado potato beetle onpotatoes by foliar application.
Foliar application rates range from 10-80 g/ha; soil treatment rates 100-200 g/ha.


Fipronil Packaging details 
25KG for one bag or according to customers’ requirement


Fipronil applicable crops
Maize, cotton, potatoes, rice, Alfalfa, Banana, Cereals, Chili, Citrus, Coffee, Crucifers, Dates, aubergines (eggplant), Grapes (vine), Leek, Mango, Mushrooms, Oilseed rape, Ornamentals, Peanut, Peas, Pepper, Soybean, Sugarbeet, Sugarcane, Sunflower, Tea, Tobacco, Turf, Watermelon.

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