Pymetrozine 96% TC
Pymetrozine 96% TC

Pymetrozine  95% TC; 96% TC



Pymetrozine (CAS No.123312-89-0) is a insecticide selective against Homoptera, causing them to stop feeding.


Pymetrozine Usage 

Pymetrozine is used for controlling of aphids and whitefly in vegetables, potatoes, ornamentals, cotton, deciduous and citrus fruit, tobacco, hops; both juvenile and adult stages are susceptible. Also control of planthoppers in rice. Application rates vary from 150 g/ha on potatoes to 200-300 g/ha on ornamentals, tobacco and cotton; 10-30 g/hl on vegetables, fruit and hops.


Pymetrozine Packaging details 
25KG for one bag or according to customers’ requirement


Pymetrozine applicable crops
vegetables, potatoes, Ornamentals, cotton, citrus, fruits, tobacco, hops, cabbages, oilseed rapes, rices, wheats.

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